About Us

Created in 2019, based in Airlie Beach, Dare Gymwear was just an idea. After a few set backs we made 2023 our year. 

At Dare Gymwear we believe that the power to transform resides within each individual. We strive to inspire and empower fitness enthusiasts to embrace their inner strength and conquer their goals. 

With our premium collection of gymwear, meticulously designed for both comfort and style, we are dedicated to equipping you with the confidence and performance-enhancing gear you need to unleash your full potential. From cutting edge materials that enhance range of motion to bold, trendsetting designs, every garment is crafted with passion and precision. Join us on this daring journey, and together, let's push boundaries, break through limitations, and redefine what it means to strive for greatness. Dare to be extraordinary with Dare Gymwear. 


Delivering great deals every day on men and women shorts, fitted tanks, sports bra, and legging.